Papikondalu, popularly known as Papi Hills one of the awe-inspiring place resembles Kashmir like....... This elegant hill station is calmly spread along the vivacious Godavari river. A wonderful summer resort in Andra Pradesh which is a Favorite spot for natural lovers. Heart will miss a beat by the voluptuous beauty of Papi hills. Boat journey from Rajahmundry to Badrachalam is stunning yet rejoyacible experience and one can enjoy the visionaiced moment of their life in just 8 hours of a/c cruice boat and house boat journey. Sizzling fresh breeze, serene atmosphere, eye-catching greenery with cute small fishes squriling in the Drifting sand, twist and turns of river and mesmerizing music of birds are the lovely things to enjoy. Papi hills is full of adventures and amusements.One can enjoy water falls trekking, fishing, bird watching and camping. Ravishing be-auty of this hill station is breath taking which makes tourist speechless.

This beauty can also be visiulised in the surronding areas of konaseema,Maredimilli,Bhadrachalam,Annavaram,Vishakapatnam and Araku vally.

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